The ‘meal deal’ is a commonly run continuous promotion run by organisations that sell food.
The common implementation of this encourages the customer to purchase a ‘Main’ item, a ‘snack’ item and a drink for a set price as per the diagram below:

To create a Meal Deal promotion:

  1. Head to TRIMS - Promotions - Checkout Price Rules
  2. Select the “New Document” button:
  3. In the “New Checkout Rule” box, fill out all of the details Including the Name, Description and date parameters. As this is a continuity promotion, we have set the “End” field to be 2099.
  4. Choose “Set Price” from the options below and enter the price that your meal deal promotion will be. In this example, we have set it to £4:
  5. Press OK and choose your meal deal promotion from the draft section.
  6. In the draft section, press the “New Filter” button:
  7. In this case, we have called the filter “main”
  8. Ensure that the filter is set to = 1 and “single”:
  9. Filter for your Main products and press the refresh button and then “save”, in this case we have filtered for “sandwiches”, “wraps” and “Salads”:
  10. Repeat this process for your drinks and snacks.
  11. Once completed, your promotion should look like this:
  12. If you are confident that the promo is configured correctly - set it active: