Similar to the  'Ranked Sales' report, Best sellers is a report that ranks sales based on the chosen sorting, grouped by the specified grouping critera. Unlike 'Ranked Sales', this report also reports on all in stock items.



  • Stock
    • Last purchased: Date of the most recent sale
    • Unit cost: Cost of each unit sold (* means this is an average)
    • Stock total: Stock of the items sold
  • Sales
    • Sales: Total sales
    • Cost: Total cost of sales
    • Retail Total: Retail taken on the sales
    • Profit Retail: Minus the cost
    • Margin percentage of profit compared to cost

Customise It

The report can be grouped with a maximum of 5 indentations. The report is designed to be grouped on high level categories such as Brand, Department and Season. But you can filter the report and run this at a lower level if needed. The report can be run with separate or combined locations. If You select a sorting option you can set the report to give you the top 10,20,50,100 or all lines.


Run this report to see which products or brands are selling well to help your buying team prepare for the next season.