Sometimes you can run a report in vision and see that the figures don’t appear as expected.
In the majority of cases, this is due to incorrect figures in TRIMS (average cost, retail etc).
The best way to identify the cause of the erroneous figures is to run the report at a lower level of grouping to locate the offending product and take the appropriate steps to rectify it.
 The below guide covers the most common strategies for troubleshooting anomalies in Vision reports: 

In this example, we have run a financial summary and found a strange figure on the report; the gifts and accessories has a higher cost than retail:

To find the reason for this figure, we will run the same report again but at a lower level.
As we know the issue is in gifts and accessories we will filter to only show products with this attribute value.
This will narrow down the report and hide any irrelevant results:

From the newly run, more precise report, we can see the discrepancy is in Lampe Berger so we will run the report again this time at description level just for Lampe Berger products.

Now we can see the product where the discrepancy lies so we will run an audit trail on this product and see what has caused this.

As you can see this transaction has the wrong cost so we will fix this using the change cost option in this audit and the report will be correct.