Discount reason codes are entered on the point of sale when a discount is processed so that the manager or administrator can report on why different discounts have been processed.

To create a reason code in TRIMS:

  1. Log into TRIMS and go to “promotions” and then “promotions overview” (1):
  2. In the window that appears, right click and press “new promotion” (2):
  3. Enter a ‘Name’ value, this will be the reason code that appears when processing a discount on the point of sale. In ‘Description’, type “Manual Discount”.
    Unless you integrate TRIMS with our Retail Accounts package, ‘Link Code’ can be left blank, otherwise - enter your RAS discount code.
    Select the “manual” option from ‘Type” and press ‘OK’
  4. The reason code will be sent to the point of sale in the next build of the PLU
    You can build a PLU by going to ‘Inventory’, ‘Explorer’, ‘Maintenance’ and ‘PLU Build’ (3):