Reserved stock is a facility in TRIMS POS that allows you to put items to one side and allow customers to pay a deposit.
In TRIMS, you can manage items put onto reserved stock from all devices and locations.

To view an overview of your reserved stock:

  1. Log in to TRIMS and go to ‘Customers’ and ‘Reserved Stock’ (1):
  2. In the reserved stock window, you will see your reserves for the last 7 days, you can look further back by using the filter (2):
  3. The first screen you will see is the overview of your active reserves in the time frame that you have selected
    This screen shows you the value of items on the documents and the value outstanding against the customer:
  4. You can select a specific reserve document from the left side of the screen to see more details about one reserve (3):
  5. In this screen, you can see the outstanding items as well as the history of the document in “audit”: