Please note TRIMSm Store Takings currently does not report on sales from website or a website location.

Store Takings is a tool for observing sales without the need to access the TRIMS back office system. Allowing an overview of how your locations are performing, much like the Sales Matrix and Transaction audit in TRIMS.
Store Takings can be found in the list of available tools in TRIMSm:

Once you load Store Takings you will see the following screen:

  1. The first button (GPS Icon) that has been highlighted is the location selector button. This will allow you to select a specific location or all locations, and can be locked if you don’t want a user to see other locations performances. The screencap below shows how this button looks once pressed.
  2. The second button (Calendar Icon) is the date selection button, this will allow you to scroll through and select a different date to view the sales for that day. See below screencap as an example. Next to the Calendar button is a refresh button to refresh the Store Takings to pick up any new sales since you loaded the tool.

Once you have selected a location or are locked to a specific location only you will then be able to click the + next to location to expand the selection.

Here you can see each till/device that is used in that location and linked with TRIMS. This will show you the totals per device for that day or time you are using Store Takings. These totals are what cumulatively contributes to the total at the bottom of the Store Takings tool. The arrow buttons will let you cycle through each day to overview sales. You can then further expand each device and this will show you a total for each tender you have setup on your POS system as well as some averages for sales and how many items per sale, which can be seen below.