The sales list report is ideal for reporting on a transaction-by-transaction basis.
The report covers users, exact dates and time, receipt numbers and much more specific transaction information



  • Transaction
    • Branch: Location of the transaction
    • Type: Either sale or refund
    • Day: Day that the transaction was processed
    • Date: Date of the transaction
    • Time: Time of the transaction
    • User: User who processed the transaction
    • Receipt: Receipt of the transaction
    • Cntry: Country the sale was processed in
  • Sales
    • Quantity: Quantity in this sale line
    • Sell: Sale retail for the line
    • Retail: Current retail of the items sold
    • Total: Total for the line (QTY x Sell)
    • VAT: VAT content of the Sale line
    • Ex VAT: Retail excluding vat
    • Vat %: VAT percentage for the sale line
  • Stock / orders
    • Loc. Stock: Current stock at the location of the sale
    • Loc. Orders: Current orders for this line in the location of the sale
    • Total Stock: All locations stock of the line
    • Total Orders: All order of this line within the company.

Customise It

The report can be grouped with a maximum of 5 indentations.
The product section is for the details you select on the criterial page (upto 5).
The report can be run with separate or combined locations.
If You select a sorting option you can set the report to give you the top 10,20,50,100 or all lines.