This guide is to show you how to extend any CRM gift voucher using TRIMS. you will need the complete CRM gift card number or credit note number underneath the large barcode including the "$" but not including the "*" at either end

  1. go to customers>CRM

      2. Select the contact filter and press in the filter Icon 

   3. press the + on the lower filter Icon to open up the filter and go to Accounts and then select Card Number

  4. enter the card number into the box and press Equal to then press OK in the filter Icon to turn it gold, then select the Accounts tab, then press in the Magnifying glass this will then display the card.

6. double click in the ID box and it will open the audit page on the left hand side. select Account Transactions find the line with the opening balance (usually the top line) and scroll over to the Expired column  

7. right click on the data in the Expired column and then change expiry then select the date you want to extend it to then press OK