The FUSE console is located at 

The first screen you are presented with is the dashboard and an overview of activity. 

Total lifetime instances means all users who have installed the app.

Total active is the amount of people who have used it in the last 2 weeks (an active app is counted within the billing cycle).


This is the option you are likely to be using most.

Press the top left button and a side menu will appear. Choose 'Broadcasts'.


Click 'Type' under 'Create Post' and choose the type of post most relevant to what you would like to do.


Creating an event means your post can include a Headline, Description, image, and a date and time as you would expect. It also allows for the option to provide a button for users to confirm attendance which will look like this in the app:


An offer again has Headline, Description, image, and a date and time but when an image is added there is now the option to add an offer.


A message is the simplest of posts and has the option of creating a website link when a picture is added


A poll has Headline, Description, image, and a date and time but it allows the user to choose from a list of your supplied answers and will look similar to this on the device:

Whilst on the console you can see the results:


A Notification is designed to be a piece of information with a short expiry as you can see in this picture:

All these posts can use the 'Segmentation' option to target audiences.

If the post includes a checkbox at the bottom for notification the post will appear in the notifications section on the device (if their settings allow)


The forms section is used to add, edit or delete forms like the example we have provided for the sign up form.

Use the '3 dots' to show edit and delete, use the 'green plus' to create a new form for yourself.


This section will be where you will find the lists of customers uploaded from your back office (TRIMS). There is a separate guide for this process but you will end up with this example, again having the '3 dots' to make changes:


Account relates the default profile, followed by the person logged on to the console. Changes can be made to the profile but please do not go any further into the API section.

App Settings


The first section of App Settings can be changed (Theming) to your colour choices. Make sure to use 6 digit Hex codes.

Add/ change your website and logo.


Registered Usage Only – Only loyalty account customers (created in one of our back office’s) can use it. 

Anonymous Usage only – Does not connect and customers you will not be able to track who is using it.  

Registered and Anonymous - Both (usual) 

 The sign up form is usually provided by us, but links to the earlier mentioned 'Forms' section.

Allow App Sign up – Sign up from within the app (as well as in store) 

Allow Link Account – Link to existing loyalty account 

Display Loyalty Points – From within the app 

Display Account Balance – From within the app (not required for non-account using customers) 

The API section will be completed by Tech Support.