This guide is to show you how to increase or decrease VAT % on any/all products in TRIMS.

1. Go to Inventory>Explorer

2. Select the small edit pencil 

3. Right click on the category you want to change the VAT on (This will change every category/product within it!) then select Modify>Change Price By Percentage

4. For this example the VAT has been reduced from 20% to 5%. change the to and from to VAT then change the Increase drop down to Reduce.  As this is a reduction from 20% to 5%, type 75% into the box to the right of reduce, click OK 

5. Time to spot check your products. Open the tree to a product you have changed, left click it, go to Modify then use the drop down to select VAT then check your VAT percentage. You can also run an item listing to see this. If it doesn't look correct, contact support.