WooCommerce Mappings 


We have set up three WooCommerce Mappings in your system for you 


1) Colour & Size

2) Colour

3) Size


These are basically the same mappings in terms of attributes the only real difference is what WooCommerce refers to as Attributes. The options form the drop downs on the front of your site. 


Colour & Size - this will create a drop down for Colour and a Dropdown For Size 

This is generally used for products that come in multi colours and sizes 


Colour - this will create a drop down for Colour ONLY 

This is generally used for products that come in one size but multi colours 


Size - this will create a drop down for Size ONLY

This is generally used for products that come in one colour but multi sizes or products where you are splitting the colours into different products




The connector maps against certain attributes only on WooCommerce





Regular Price

Sale Price



Your Mappings




Name forms the main title of the product on the front end. This is also used to split products i.e. if a record in TRIMS was one product with multi colours but you wanted it to form several products online then colour would be included in the title. 


Currently you have: - 




Combining to create your product title 




These map against the attributes you have defined on WooCommerce and are used to create the drop downs on the front end




Product tags are another way to relate products to each other, next to product categories. Contrary to categories, there is no hierarchy in tags; so there are no “subtags.”


For example, if you sell clothing, and you have a lot of cat prints, you could make a tag for “cat.” Then add that tag to the menu or sidebar so cat lovers can easily find all t-shirts, hoodies, and pants with cat prints.


Currently you have: -




Regular Price


This is the price that you regularly sell the item at


Your currently have: - 


Retail Price


Sale Price


This is for example a temporary price that you want the product to sell at


Your Currently Have: - 






This is what is returned to TRIMS when you sell a product online. 


Your currently have: - 


Barcode (TRIMS Primary)


Viewing the Products That Are Going to WooCommerce


WooCommerce works on a filtered subset of your main TRIMS data. A product will only be sent to WooCommerce if all of the following conditions are TRUE. 


1) Product Must Exist in the Online Location

2) Product Must Be Marked as 3rd Party - Yes

3) Product Must Have a Valid Woo Mapping 


In order to view the products that meet this criteria and are available to the connector 


Open The Explorer App

Select the + Next to the Filter Icon in the Navigation Pane 

Select Saved

Select User Filters

Select Woo

Click on Woo



This will filter you system to the data that the connector is working on. 


How Do I Add New Products to WooCommerce ?


You can add an existing product to Shopify in one of two ways 


From the Navigation Pane


Your first need to put the navigation pane in to Edit Mode. This is done by clicking the Pencil Icon (in the Navigation Pane Header) 


You can then navigate to a product you want to go online

Right Click

Select Modify

Set Attribute


The following screen will appear



Select Woo Mapping From the Drop Down and click the (...) button. 



Select the Option You Want and Click Add

That Option should now move to the right hand side 



Click OK 


You should now get the following 



Click OK - the system will now present the following message



Type CHANGE into the box and Click OK


Via The Product Matrix 


The other way to add a Shopify Mapping is via the Product Matrix


Select the Product You Want to go to Shopify in the usual manner 

You should get the Stock Screen by default



Select The Modify Tab 



Select Tags From the Drop Down



Click The Eye Icon to View Hidden Attributes 



Click The Edit Button 




You Will then Need to replace the N/A Under the Woo Mapping Column with the Mapping That You Require


Can I Set The Mapping At Product Creation 


Yes you can - the one thing to remember is that as soon as that colour / size option is created it is available to the connector. Once a product has been created on WooCommerce in order for other sizes / colours to link to it the Product ID of the size / colour that is up there needs to be copied to the new variants. 

It is far safer to create the product and then add the Mapping when you want the product to go the site. 


I No Longer Want to Sell A Product Online 


There are lots of reasons why you no longer want to sell a product online, this may be that the product has gone out of stock and you will be getting no further stock. 


The temptation is just to delete the product from the WooCommerce site, unfortunately this causes issues if that product changes for whatever reason in TRIMS. 


If you delete off WooCommerce you also need to break the link in TRIMS 


This is done in three steps 


1) Set the Woo Mapping back to N/A 

2) Set the Woo Product ID to N/A

3) Delete the values in Alias 10 for the sizes / colours you want to remove.