TRIMS - WooCommerce Connector

The TRIMS WooCommerce connector integrates your TRIMS system with your WooCommerce site from initially communicating new products, to maintaining existing products and stock levels. The connector also communicates any sales, refunds or order cancellations in real time to your TRIMS system ensuring accurate reporting and stock management and giving the business owner a real time overview of how their sales channels are performing. 


Simple and variant products can be quickly added to your WooCommerce site utilising API functionality. The user is able to define different mapping types which define how your TRIMS attributes map against the WooCommerce attributes. The user is able to specify which attributes are updateable, meaning they update whenever they are modified in TRIMS, or that they are only set at the point of initially creating a product.

The connector creates a skeleton product on the site, with key information completed, allowing the user to add categories, images and product descriptions. New attributes are created on the WooCommerce site where required, these can be ordered on the site ensuring that they always display in the correct order - Sizes for example. You can have multiple attributes on your WooCommerce site linking to one attribute in your TRIMS system. This means that you can apply specific filters for certain sections of your site based on General Sizing, Shoe Sizing or even Children Sizing, meaning that the filters can be tailored to the specific area they appear in.  

The connector checks to see the number of attributes or variants assigned to a product, and automatically assigns simple or variant product attributes ensuring that pricing and inventory levels are held against the right level. 

As well as the ability to set regular pricing against each product or variant, the connector also includes the ability to set Sale Prices. When the Sale Price differs from the Regular Price your WooCommerce site should automatically display “Was” and “Now” pricing. 

The connector stores the WooCommerce product ID and variant ID against each product and variant in TRIMS ensuring that any product or stock level amendments can be communicated to the site. 


The WooCommerce connector is continually monitoring your TRIMS system for changes to the stock levels either as a result of new stock being added, existing stock modifications being made or sales in one of your other sales channels. When a change is detected the connector uses the stored product and variant ID to communicate this new level with your WooCommerce site. 


Sales, Refunds and Cancellations are continually communicated to your TRIMS system in real-time allowing for accurate stock management and sales reporting. 

The connector continually monitors the site and as soon as a sale, refund or cancellation is processed on your WooCommerce site, the connector picks this up and communicates back to your TRIMS system.

This helps to ensure that your TRIMS system always has the correct stock levels. Any change to stock levels as a result of an order are quickly and efficiently communicated to all other sales channels, helping to maximise customer satisfaction and minimise the chance for overselling. 


In addition to the functionality provided by the WooCommerce connector, we also have the ability to be able to pull all the existing information from your WooCommerce site. 

This means that if your WooCommerce site and TRIMS system are not currently connected via the TRIMS system we can extract the WooCommerce connector and identify a common key piece of information between the two systems to associate a link and import the product IDs and Variant IDs. 

This ensures that the any existing product images, descriptions, category information and important SEO information is maintained and the connector can then synchronise allowed product changes and stock information going forward. 

The extractor can be used to take an initial data import into your TRIMS system, creating products and variants and storing the required links in order to maintain the products going forward. Therefore, allowing you to manage your sales channels from a central TRIMS system.